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Below are my views on several critical issues facing Lynnwood, and the solutions I will strive for if elected to City Council.

The issues listed are important, but by no means comprehensive. Please contact me to share your concerns on other important problems.

Public Health & Safety

Our law enforcement and emergency responders must be appropriately funded, resourced, and trained to address crime and public safety. I believe Lynnwood can serve as a leading example for community-oriented, proactive policing, working closely with community groups to keep Lynnwood safe. We also need a holistic approach to public safety, with funding for behavioral health and drug counseling experts. We need resources focused on treating the causes of these issues, not just the symptoms.

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Housing & Development

Snohomish County rents increased 53% from 2000 to 2021. Lynnwood housing prices have skyrocketed by 40% since 2010, while income decreased. 40% of Lynnwood households pay more than they can afford on housing. We are failing our residents, whether fixed-income seniors; renters facing displacement every time their lease ends; and all those in between. Ineffectiveness and inaction will perpetuate the troubling trends of income inequality and unaffordable housing. 

We need to responsibly grow our housing supply to make more affordable housing available to every resident. We need greater protection and stability for residents, particularly renters and tenants, to provide housing that is safe, clean, and affordable. We need expanded resources and assistance to be made available to those residents most in need.

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Road Safety, Traffic, and Congestion

Did you know?: If a driver hits a pedestrian or bicyclist at 20 mph or less, there is an estimated 95% survival rate; at 30 mph, the death rate jumps to 45% and a pedestrian has only a 5% chance of walking away without injury.

In the US, the number of pedestrians killed by drivers increased by 62.5% from 2010-2019. Every year, nearly 1,000 bicyclists die and over 130,000 are injured in the US. 

For decades, residents have expressed concerns about congestion, busy roads, and unsafe streets. At the same time, Lynnwood residents consistently voice their support for a walkable and transit-accessible city. We need to genuinely prioritize multi-modal transportation: traveling by car should be an option, but not the only option. Our streets should be designed for all Lynnwood residents as Complete Streets, to reduce pedestrian and cyclist injuries and motor vehicle collisions.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

DEI is a critical perspective to include in our conversations and decision-making as we talk about important issues like public health and safety, housing and income disparity or transportation equity. Supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion also means standing up to hate in Lynnwood, in Snohomish County, and across our state and country. We need to stand up for the marginalized who are being targeted by demagogues. 'All are welcome' is an insincere slogan when misinformation and hate speech against marginalized groups like the LGBTQIA+ community is met with silence by our elected officials.

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