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Housing & Development

Snohomish County rents increased 53% from 2000 to 2021. Lynnwood housing prices have skyrocketed by 40% since 2010, while income decreased. 40% of Lynnwood households pay more than they can afford on housing. We are failing our residents, whether fixed-income seniors; renters facing displacement every time their lease ends; and all those in between. Ineffectiveness and inaction will perpetuate the troubling trends of income inequality and unaffordable housing. 

We need to responsibly grow our housing supply to make more affordable housing available to every resident. We need greater protection and stability for residents, particularly renters and tenants, to provide housing that is safe, clean, and affordable. We need expanded resources and assistance to be made available to those residents most in need.

We should promote incremental change and growth throughout Lynnwood. We are a diverse community with diverse needs. As the city evolved decades ago from farmland into a traditional suburban city, it must be allowed and encouraged to continue to evolve.

I support Missing Middle Housing and Complete Neighborhoods as part of Lynnwood’s future. These diverse housing options would add to the vibrancy of our neighborhoods; help us preserve green spaces from development; and allow us to realize Lynnwood’s future as a people-oriented city. Through this growth, we can foster a resilient economy supported by diverse local businesses.

Source: Merlone Geier Partners

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